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Serving the Lord with all humility, and with tears, and temptations which befell
me by the conspiracies of the Jews; – Acts of the Apostles 20:19


We are here to affirm traditional Catholicism based on the Bible, Church Tradition and all of the legitimate and true councils of the Church. We reject the council of apostasy known as Vatican II.

We reject the Anti Popes and regard them as Anti Christs. This includes Benedict XVI, John Paul II, John Paul I, Paul VI, John XXIII and Pius XII. These individuals have excommunicated themselves by their actions. They are all Anti-Popes and Anti Christs, they are willing and conscious agents of Satan the Devil.

We will touch on a few issues here briefly to articulate the traditional Catholic position on them. This should only serve as a very basic introduction to our Sedevacantist positions however.

Sedevacantist Issues:

The Mass

The Novus Ordo or New Mass is invalid. The only valid masses are those conducted by a validly ordained priest, in Latin or following the valid traditions of any of the Eastern Rites such as Greek or Maronite for example. The new episcopal rite of ordination is invalid and thus no one can ordained by it.

The Bible

We reject modern translations of the Bible as heretical and we use the original Douay Rheims translation the only authorized English translation of the Bible by the Church.

Popular Culture

We urge traditional Catholics to abrogate the popular culture which is that of the Anti-Christ. Please reject television, popular movies, music and all of the snares of Satan which he uses to undermine Christianity.

Abortion and Birth Control

Birth control is a sin and true Catholics completely disavow it. Many forms of artificial birth control are abortifacient in nature. Abortion is murder and the taking of innocent life. We condemn it.


The Jewish people are under a curse for rejecting Christ. True Christians oppose Israel and Zionism.

The Church of the Anti Popes

We implore Catholics to leave the church of the criminal, immoral and evil Anti Popes and to embrace Sedevacantism which is the true Catholic position.  We urge you earnestly to cease from attending all services and invalid masses at the churches of the Anti Christ and to cease from receiving their invalid sacraments.

Please read the Catholic Bible, The Catechism (pre-1958 editions only) Catholic prayer books, the writings of the Early Church Fathers and other traditional Catholic works if you wish to understand true Catholicism and pray to God for help and guidance in this most desperate and troubled age.

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